February 26, 2004


I want MADRAS back...

Have you eaten in one of those platform Bajji Kadai of MADRAS?
They boil the oil in a big vaanali, take pieces of Vengaayam, soak them in bright orangish yellowish Bajji maavu, crisply fry them to a deep red color. Your mouth already starts watering when you see the Bajjis doing the swimming maneouvre (did I spell it right?) in that deep frying pan. The bajji starts getting into a deep red color. You know the Bajji is ready to be eaten.
You urge the bajjiwaala to drop it into a pan where the oil fizzles out through the filter. The sales man takes the bajjis out in a hot-to-hold fashion, wrap in DinaThanthi paper. The dinathanthi paper is probably 6 month old. You notice some old news item.
Remember that news, pichufy the bajji and start discussing the news item of Dinathanthi. You put the Bajji piece to mouth, it is so hot. You forget the news, you forget that discussion you started with the companion. You forget everything. Just start gobbling the hot bajjis. Wipe the oil off with the news paper.
By this time, the bajji you had is not enough, you check your pocket for moeny you have left. Ask for more bajjis again.

Yesterday went looking for one.

Couldnt find any.

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