February 17, 2004

News-sense --> Nuisance

On Sunday, the CAT exams were covered on 24x7 and Headlines today - like interviewing students who come to take the exam, asking them about tough levels, their feelings about writing the exam again, where from people have come, so on and so forth.

Whats wrong with it anyway? In history of IIMs, this was the time CAT paper was leaked, and exams being conducted again. So, shouldnt this news item be covered?

Yes, but not for the whole day. Give me a break! We were offered almost a minute-by-minute account of CAT exams. Just shows how desperate the channels are!

Similarly from dawn to dusk, valentines day was covered. I can understand if MTV/FTV/Splash channels cover this for entire day, but news channels???

Hhhmm...Had I known earlier that the channels just would cover anything so desperately like this, I could have talked to them to get them cover my sister's wedding that happened last week. I could saved a 13000 rupees atleast.

Afterthoughts of a genius!

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