February 20, 2004

Kavundamani - Senthil humor

Kavundamani-Senthil genre of jokes were our own desi...not even desi, our own naattupura Laurel-Hardy types.

Though I am not a great fan of Kavundamani-Senthil type adi-udhai jokes, few sequences have always been very hilarious. Very natural humor coupled with adi-uthai was always hilarious, but at some point of time, guess they started running out of ideas for joke sequences, and the pair turned out mere adi-uthai sequences without much humor. Thats when they started tasting bad and glean taken away.

All said and done, Senthil's "Annayyyy" and Kavundamani's "Dei iruttu thalaiya" in few movies evoke laughter any time. I wouldn't want to miss them for any reason.

Here is a small list as for as my memory goes:

"Oru pazham intha irukku, innoru pazham yengay?"
"Athuthaan annay ithu"

- Karakaattakaaran

"Mysore Maharaja vachiruntha kaar, cinema nadigai Soppana Sundari vachirunthaanga. Intha kaarai ippo naan vaechu irukkaen"

Senthil says something to K.Mani.
K.Mani is agitated and repeats, "athu epdippa enkitta kaeppaan?"
Ramarajan asks "Apdi yenna kaettupittaan?"
K.Mani says "Soppana sundari vachiruntha kaar neenga vachirukkeenga, soppana sundariya yaar vachirukkanga?"
- Karakaattakaaran

K.Mani's car is very old looking. And the sequences related to perichampazhakaaran are funny too.
- Karakaattakaaran

Well, you people know the sequences, am not going to elaborate each. Just going to refer them, visualize in your mind and laugh off! ha ha ha....

Senthil's sceintific doubts and Kavundamani's dilemmas - Chinna gounder
"Naan 7-m class paasu, neenga SSLC fail-nay...paas perusa, fail perusa?" - Gentleman
"Marathadi hundial sequence and Jail encounters" - Uthaya geetham

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