February 19, 2004

Big Rip

No, no...I am not referring to the JJ issue...(well, JJ means not J.Jeyalalitha and the big rip she caused in the election alliance, but Janet Jackson - Justin Timberlake issue)...I mean the BIG RIP doesnt pertain to JJ's famous N*****GATE when I mention about the big rip!!

This is a scientific theory proposing the death of earth! Read the complete story in
Newyork times
About 900 million years later, about 60 million years before the end, our own Milky Way galaxy will be torn apart. Three months before the rip, the solar system will fly apart. The Earth will explode when there is half an hour left on the cosmic clock.

The last item on Dr. Caldwell's doomsday agenda is the dissolution of atoms, 10-19, a tenth of a billionth of a billionth of a second before the Big Rip ends everything.

"After the rip is like before the Big Bang," Dr. Caldwell said. "General relativity says: "The end. Time can't evolve."

Oops, before it happens, - Go, pick up that real fight you wanted to pick up with the nose-picking neighbour, ask all the questions you always wanted to ask your HR Manager - esp about policies, propose to that beautiful girl round your street's corner or give the hapless beggar whom you see meet daily near the traffic signal but happen to turn your face away!!!

Life is short...oops thats scary

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