February 20, 2004


I saw Karakkaattakaaran yesterday on KTV. So many success elements embedded into it - greak folklore by Ilaiyaraja, fresh village face in Kanaka, the wonderful rhythm of karakaattam, above all - not to forget Kavundamani-Senthil comedy.

Good movie altogether - everyone becomes a good person at the end, including the villain. No gory scenes. No sexist humor. No ear-scorching music. Nowhere the storyline sags. The movie just runs at the right pace.

I would watch Karakkattakaaran any number of times just for Kavundamani-Senthil comedy. Vaazhapazham-oru rooba, Kavundamani's car and perichampazha kaaran, Soppana sundari - jokes would evoke laughter any time. The humor was quite natural, and the encounters between Kavundamani-Senthil very hilarious...

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