June 01, 2005

3 movies and a weekend

Thanks to KPS! I got to watch two movies in his home, and thanks to Screenselect for another Hindi movie.
KPS lives in Birmingham with his family, we (Myself, my wife – Subhashree and my son – Sriram) had been to his place this weekend and had a nice time at his place. With catching up generally about friends and specifically bitching about our employers. We have been with same employer for past 6-7 years and we still do that. It is also traditional among us to talk about quitting the job, which we still haven't done!

Ok, first things first!
The movies at KPS place – 7G Rainbow Colony and Chandramukhi

Chandramukhi was a pleasant surprise. Quite a good story line, nice Rajini antiques and some fantastic acting from Jyothika. It was also good to see Prabhu again in action, but unfortunate he had a diminutive role like in Vasoolraja MBBS. Chandramukhi is definitely no Guru-Sishyan. Rajini reminded me of his 'Ninaithaalay inikkum' days in his final and now famous – lakalakalaka character, while in other normal get-up, reminding us of his Rajathi Raja days. While Baasha, Annamalai was a different dimension, this cool get-ups are another one. Rajini is indeed a versatile actor. Jyothika – I was a bit scared after her dance with eyes and her ruthra thandavam. Good acting Jo! Music was a big letdown. It takes a Ilaiyaraja, Deva, Chandrabose or a Hamsalekha to give the beats one expects out of Rajini movies.

7G Rainbow Colony sounded a bit uncomfy at the beginning to watch with family, but the pace of the movie takes you in. College-going tapori! I have seen many such rogue guys who seem to talk excellent dialogues. Forget the seriusness part of the movie, it was a good entertainer. Many of the funny sequences are something I have actually seen in real-time. It seemed like Selvaraghavan didn’t know how to complete the movie at last, and was just meandering. Sharp editing would have given a sharp ending, but was not boring anyway. YuvanShankarRaja deserves a special mention. In young generation of Tamil movie musicians, where A.R.Rehman is not all that specialised or very effective, Yuvan scores effortlessly – the background score.

After seeing Black, I was discussing about this movie to my colleague – Pawan. He felt Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Khamoshi was a more honest movie than Black. He emphasised Black was more dramatic, something exciting keeps happening every other scene and everyone is authoritative in a movie about deaf, blind and dumb girl. In contrast, Khamoshi was more honest in depicting the deaf and dumb parents. While I agreed his comment about Black, I hadn’t seen Khamoshi yet to have an opinion. After seeing Ab Tak 56 by Nana Patekar, I was more curious to see him in Khamoshi. So for these two reasons, I had booked Khamoshi through screenselect. True to my colleague's words, this movie was all about living against odds. Honest acceptance was part of the movie with some great music. Not a dramatic movie, but a slow soft emotional movie. It also showed how versatile Nana Patekar is. With so many facial movements and strong actions, it is quite a task for Nana Patekar to give a very suppressed body lanuage for the cop in Ab Tak 56. With Salman Khan in the movie, it was clearly a Nana Patekar movie. Of course, there are SalmanKhanisque scenes, but he has acted with his vaal-suruttified (curl the tail between legs). The wild affection, anger and the deaf and dumb fear for acceptance in the society without Annie was a very honest depiction indeed.

I didn’t regret seeing any of the mentioned-movies in this post so far. And I look forward to watching Fahrenhiet 9/11 which is now with me.

Of course, I saw three other English movies as well in month of May – Nottinghill, School for seduction and Lost in translation. They were supposedly the romantic comedies, and lacked both romance and comedy!

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