May 26, 2005

Sensation, indulgence and cherishing!

I am the kind of person who wants sensation first, followed by indulgence and ending with cherishment! So much so that it feeds the passion. First thing is my sense must be aroused. Am going to talk something personal here…
Ah, Malteasers!
The best thing about European countries is the chocolates. And my favorites is 'Malteasers'. What an amazing concept is this Malteasers!
It has a very wonderful chocolate coating with a malt kernel inside it. The moment I pop it in my mouth, it arouses my senses, and after the chocolate coating is sensed in competely, it's time for indulgence with the Malt itself. Lolitting the malt between different parts of cheek, teeth and tongue, it's sheer indulgence. Even before I realise it, it's all done. But the cherishing lingers on. Slowly when it starts wearing out, I know it's time for another one.
Eating malteasers is not addictive, but more of a passionate experience.
Best part about malteasers is that they are small, round balls. You don't have to worry about taking care of holding the bar of chocolate and all that. Pick one up, pop it up….
There is also a malteaser icecream - wonder how will that be!!!

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