May 10, 2005

Researching food market

Any staple Indian food loving person need not feel left out or starving on foods in UK, because in UK most of the supermarkets have ready-to-eat chapathi, naan, paratha and lot of Indian curries. Just pick them up, and heat in a microwave and presto - have a full-fledged Indian dish.
But, BUT…
You would notice the chapathi or naan does not hold same taste as a home-made one, and may not get them at proper heat level to have a fluffy chapathi always. The curries might smack of oily, but not really close enough to our own curry.
Suddenly, serendipitously made a discovery that the following Mexican or western food items are actually similar to our own foods.
Tortillas - they are also made of wheat, but much softer. Gets really fluffy.
Mexican wraps - rumali roti types
Crumpets - Aappam
Pitta bread - Naan
Tomato onion dip - Thakkali vengayam thokku (ofcourse not as spicy as our food is)
And then we have Long grain rice that is like our normal rice in India. If specifically needed, the Thai jasmine rice is close to our Ponni raw rice. Good tomato thokku is available under the guise of Tomato Salsa Sauce! Beware, you have to add bit of pepper and salt.
There is Greek style yoghurt which is our curd, and if you need a curd closer to our sour taste, you could try Onken Yoghurt, or simply add sour cream to normal yoghurt. Sooji (Rava) is hidden under the name Semolina and sweet pepper is our capsicum
Best part about these stuffs is that they are made of same ingredients as our traditional Indian food items, and are closer to our taste, than the food items branded under ''Indian food items'' in UK.
What more do the veggies need???

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