May 03, 2005

Election campaign

Come elections, we all know what happens !

It's not so unusual to have a vehicle fitted with a megaphone, and the party supporter reeling out long speech to campaign for the party and leader.

It is not so uncommon to hold election procession, affect traffic and hold big meeting to campaign for your party.

This is the usual election hungama in India.

But the thing which is so unnatural is that, all this happened in UK.

For national elections due this weekend, I saw a car with a megaphone, and two campaigners asking people to vote for Labour party in the heavily Asian populated East Ham in London.
Only 'Thaanai Thalaivar Annan Tony Blair' was missing.

Well, maybe it is just a matter of time, UK adopts itself totally to global Indian Election Code of (Mis)Conduct and (sub)standards. They are well on the path already - vote rigging, blasphemous personal remarks are quite common.

Chakra, you do have a good political future here in UK!

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