April 26, 2005


Amazing poem!

Learning never stops - even basic thing you learnt as a kid. You might have to learn it again. Like Amitabh with Alzheimer.

Learning can start quite late - even basic thing you think you have learnt as a kid. You might not know or learn things properly. Like Ayesha Kapur born blind, deaf and dumb.

Never ridicule teacher or education. Never take it light. It matters so much to many. They have to fight for it, struggle for it, put in hardwork and come through successfully. Like Rani Mukherjee who attains a degree at 40, when people like you and me can normally achieve one at 20.

Lucky you and I are having all instruments in life to make education a piece of cake-walk. You might think you are smart enough you can read and understand anything devoid of a teacher and a classroom. But what if you are born blind, deaf and dumb? And what if you lose everything in a stroke of Alzheimer?

And then, not everything is gone if such a thing happens, because if you are sincere enough, you will always get a teacher. And you will always look at life with hope and inspiration.

That's Sanjay Leela Bhansali with his Black.

Vibrant and Colourful Black.

Don’t miss it!

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