May 05, 2005

kaala CHAKRAm suzhalumbothu…(when the wheel of time spins…)

Last weekend I had been to Chakra's place – Bournemouth.

In fact, we got in touch with each other through blogs.

We studied from Class 6th to Class 12th in the same school – Hindu Senior Secondary School in Triplicane. After school, we lost touch with each other. Then when we completed our graduation, and waiting for next move to make – either PG or job. I was introduced by my friend to an agency that was contracting people to Ramco. But I couldn’t take up the job as I had just then got admission into MCA. This job was still available, and I met Chakra on the bus. It was after a 3 year time. We were generally talking, and I told him if he would be interested in looking if job is fine, and gave him the contact number. It was a mere 10 minute conversation.

And then, we lost touch again. He had written a letter to me telling me he had got job at Ramco. Unfortunately, I couldn’t respond to that.

Cut to recent past's recent past!

I was browsing dubukku's blog. I used to click at every person's link who leave a comment there. I had seen Chakra's comments, and went to Chakra's site. I did not know it was the same Chakra.

It was a very shocking site, because I could not minimise the site and read it. He had a big banner in top frame, and whatever I do, the frame would still be visible. It was not possible to thiruttuthanam-ly see the site in the workplace. I got so annoyed, and vowed never to visit this site again.

Cut to recent past!

Talk about fate. Dubukku was guest-editing some onsite Tamil blog, and he had inadvertently posted his family photo introducing the family members. I understand lot of casteist comments came for that photo from many fellow surfers, and he had removed the photograph. I was quite curious, how would a dubukku look like? So googled for the photo, and landed up at Chakra site. And followed by Dubukku family photos, there was a photo with Chakra carrying Dubukku's daughter. It just struck me I had seen this guy somewhere, I then mailed him to ask if he was the same Chakra whom I knew from school. That’s how our relationship got acquainted again.

Cut to recent!

When I came to UK, he gave lot of information – especially about various experiments with O2, calling cards and other premium line numbers to call India. He was very, very helpful. In fact, he was the first one to call me on my landline number at office. I didn't even know my number, he somehow found it out and let me know. I was very anxious with my first trip to a foreign country. His presence meant comfort. At least there is someone whom I know.

Cut to last week!
I was a bit apprehensive as to how it is going to be meeting him after long time. Maybe our aspirations had changed, maybe our attitudes changed, may be may be may be…so many may be's. Every thing was set to rest, the moment we met. We hit it off like those two Hindu Senior students we were 9 years back!

Chakra had not changed much – his attitude and drive still the same. His wittiness is good, and we could relate to each other quite well.

I was so happy to be with a school mate again. We were able to relive our school moments, few school gossips and it was just amazing. Chakra's multi-faceted personality was a revelation to me, and oh boy, I like him so much for that too.

He is also very patient and generous. He is a very good host, putting up with us. His house was so neat and tidy, we just littered the place with our kid's playtoys and all that. He took it with a smile.

My wife and son also felt very comfortable to acquaint with him.

The height of this meeting was enjoying Maya bazaar movie with him, passing comments and all that!

[I discovered a new recipe - French Fries sprinkled with chocolate powder tastes amazing]

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