June 07, 2005

Tamilnadu abolishes Common Entrance Exam

Just read from Hindu the title of this post.
Imagine all those training institutes going bust. I wonder what will be the implication!
Personally, I feel it's a good idea. The entrance test merely is another kind of examination testing pupil skills with their school final year course knowledge. But that’s what they already undergo in their final exams. Why repeat the same stuff again?

CET is anyway made a mockery by lateral admissions, payment seats, so on and so forth. Why waste money and time?

If a student is indeed bright enough to get into a professional course, the student might have secured good marks anyway. And if the student can afford payment seat, but not got enough marks, the CET is but a mere step.

Announce the results and get on with it. Again, going by personal experience, people from other system of education like CBSE/GCSE might be affected. Because of the way, the tests – final exams – are evaluated. Perhaps, setting aside a percentage of seats for other board students might be helpful.

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