June 10, 2005

Career change

I am bored of Tech-coolie job, and considering a career shift. I am wondering if I should be a "De-motivation Consultant" or open "Organic Isthiri Shop". This doesn't imply, am giving up my pet project of writing those books - Desi Dilbert, Who moved my underwear, Of boobs and asses....

As a de-motivation consultant, I would tell people they are possibly deemed to be doomed. I will ask them to cut all the motivation crap, and simply do their work properly. My principle would be very simple –

Be practical, do your work properly
If you are not getting things done properly, it probably means you are dumb and doomed, and ask them to give up. And best, will ask them to get proper professional help
There is no such thing called 'Motivation'. Saying that you get inspired or motivated by something or someone else is stupid. Either you do it, or leave it.

This is what my de-motivational therapy will be all about.

Next running an "Organic Isthiri Shop"

This is a trendy service offering from me for the upmarket clientele, who prefer to have their clothes ironed in an organic way. This means, the iron box will not use electricity. But, it will use the certain mineral that has been refined by nature subjected to pressure for several years, and is formed the most natural way and is the most organic item next to diamond on earth. This will be subjected to intense heating and in the most hygienic way, without touching the mineral, the hot mineral would be used in the iron box with help of tongs.

To iron those splendid organic cotton clothes, I will use this "organic Isthiri" mode. Yes, by the way, the organic isthiri mineral is called as "COAL"

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