April 27, 2004

EVMs and Indian democracy

New york Times in an article about usage of EVMs in India for Elections-2004. It builds up an image that India is a completely corrupt nation, and a nation of frauds and violence.

There is an undertone of mockery writ into this article reporting the EVM exercise that World's largest democracy is achieving in such a short span, with indigenously built technology.

The article sums up saying EVM is ensuring the election fraudsters are modernizing and decries the by-and-large success of such a national exercise.

Perhaps New york times has forgotten the Diebold controversy. Probably the election fraud is acceptable in the supposedly World's most sophisticated nation, and nothing to raise a hue and cry, but a developing nation's proud attempt is a laughable affair!!!

Perhaps New york times
Read the complete article here(subscription required) from NYTimes

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