May 04, 2004

Rain, rain dont go away...

Oh boy, it rained, it rained...
Right here in Chennai, for TWO DAYS!
Right at the beginnig of agni nakshatram...Fantastic.
It is so pleasant, seemingly cool...

But woes of Chennai continue!
On Velacherry-Tambaram road where they have dug pits in between, which normally people watch out becaue fo rain, and water stagnation, no one knew where is the road with little water above it, or where is the pit filled with knee deep water. MTC drivers and metro-water lorries couldnt resiste the temptation to find the difference...atleast two buses and a water lorry were stranded as of 9am today morning in similar slushy pits. Cranes were pressed into service.

Here is little song for rain:
Rain rain, dont go away
Come again everyday
Little Johnny can at home stay
Rain, rain dont go away

Yellarum searnthu Rain-ku oru 'O' podunga....

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