May 27, 2004

My best tamil comedy movies collection

Here is the list of best full-length hilarious, funny, humourous, comedy Tamil movie VCDs I would definitely love to own...So whats your list of such Tamil movies?

Rangarao - the veteran actor in his elements, and Savithri matching every wit. The best one is the character who comes as T. R. Ramachandran's Personal Assistant. No dialogues for him in the entire movie. All through the movie, he keeps taking notes, very sincerely, every action. In last scene, M.N.Nambiar will lift this guy to throw him out, even then, he will be taking notes.

Maya bazaar
Rangarao again. Can we forget the "am uhu..." magic chant or the song "Kalyana samayal saatham"? And the wedding scenes where Rangarao (Kadothkajan) morphs into Savithri (Abhimanyu's wife - forgot the name), and creates a havoc. Savithri's body language completely mimicking Rangarao was fantastic. DO you guys remember the Lord Krishna(NTR)'s vesham as old brahmin and sings with this thunthana - "Vatraadha selvamey vaazhga nee vaazhga"?

Michael Madhana Kaama Raajan
Kamalhassan in four roles! My God! What a movie!!! Crazy Mohan the real star...
Scene where Madhan gets to meet his dad "Appa ennappa odambu jillunnu irukku?"
"Ungammathaan bathirama irukka sonna, fridge-kulla okkanthirunthaen..."
"Ennamma, oru maathiri pesaraaru?"
"Oru maathiri yenna, rendu maathiri kooda pesuvanay?" In a different voice, calls out "Madhan", and in another different voice "Madhan"
Contrary to popular thought, it is Raju (the Fireman) who fascinates with me with comedy rather than Kaameshwaran.

K. Balachander brought the humor dimension in Rajinikanth as Ayyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperuma Indran and Ayyampettai Arivudai Kaliyaperumal Chandran. Sowcar Janaki and Thengai Srinivasan (a class of his own) would make us ROTFL. Once a favorite movie of DD Pothigai channel. Would be screened atleast 4 times a week. We'd never miss it.

Kavundamani, Kamal, Mano, Vadivelu, Charlie combination is a complete laugh riot. Surprisingly the movie is from R.V.Udayakumar who is know for his sentimental village movies. Well, we can easily see Kamal's strong imprint in many scenes. Starting from scene where Kamal imagines what happens to his father like in Tamil movies, the riot starts and proceeds till last scene.
Cant forget these scenes:
'Karuvaadu' scene - Kamal says "Intha koovam pakkam poyiraathey, romba naarumaamay..."
Beach scene - Vadivelu - "Can I have one amuks?" Kamal - "No"...slowly Kavundamani will start "Any help?"...
At Kushboo's home, Kamal's first encounter with Manorama - "Ding, ding, ding bbbrrroommmm"

Cho as Zambazar Jaggu...Madras Tamil got a status because of Jaggu. The scene where he explains a mythological story to Manorama is the best.

Bama Vijayam
"Varavu ettana, selavu pathana"...comedy movie with a message! V. Sekar tries it, but not as effective as K. Balachander in this movie. Sowcar Janaki, Balaiah and Major Sundarrajan are show stealers. My fav scenes - Sowcar Janaki learning English,

Kathalikka Neramillai
Balaiah and Nagesh combination movie directed by Sridhar, is a real fun movie. Can you afford to forget the thriller story-telling scene of Nagesh and Balaiah. Balaiah - what an acting...he would slowly start perspiring and start building up the fear in his eyes. Other scenes where he would address Ravichandran as "Magar" to Muthuraman...light humour replete in complete movie. The experience is something akin to Devan's writings.

Kaasethaan kadavulada
Ever hit song - "Jambulingamay jadadhara" and our good old Thengaai Srinivasan as Saamiyar, and his magical chants...oh my God. This is fav movie with Sun TV and many people's favorite too.

Sadly, cant point out any particular movie in recent times as full-length comedy movie that did not harp on physical overtures, and apssing them off as comedy...Maybe 'Panchathanthiram' can accept after reluctance, to some extent. Otherwise cant think of any.


MrsYesAre said...

please add "Veetukku Veedu" to the list. It is one completely hilarious movie. Its one of Nagesh's best.

nara said...

this is a great list. How about adding more recent releases too? We liked 'ethiri' starring Madhavan, Sada, Delhi Ganesh et al.

ganeshraman, pune said...

adhirshtakaran, veetuku veedu, anubavam pudumai, sabapathi, soppu seepu kannadi (The Best), ayiram poi, ungal viruppam, then mazhai, then nilavu, anjal petti 520, uthiravindri ullae vaa, ninaivil nindravil, simla special, manal kayiru, kadhanayakan, gallata kalyanam, navagraham, anubhavi raja anubhavi, poykal kudhirai, Anne Anne (mouli), Porutham and many more. recently Kadhala Kadhala, avvai shanmugi, tenali, michael m'kamrajan, pammal k sambandam etc.

A simple equation - Cho & Mukta combination, CV Rajendran and Chitralaya Gopu,KB's old plays converted into movies with Nagesh the Great in the lead role, Crazy & Mouli - 90% of tamil classic comedies are covered.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

great collection

But no pandiarajan and bagyaraj movies?

Indru poi nallai vaa