April 20, 2004

Open Markets

The cost of seeing the following movies in Chennai theaters
Gilli - Rs 60
Lord of the Rings (all 3 parts) - Rs 300
Harry Potter - Rs 100

All anti-piracy laws and cells cant do much. The movie VCDs are available at a mere
Rs 50 per VCD in every corner of the city. It sounds nice to hear things like "one should not buy such pirated things, and must not encourage the piracy industry", but practically speaking, many people just buy this for economic reasons.

I am not talking about those shops where they rent pirated VCD, or those shops in Burma bazaar/Flower bazaar that sell pirated VCDs. They are supposedly covert actions, and once in a while we see an article in Hindu/Daily thanthi that anti-pirqcy cell seized so many VCDs and arrested someone.

The VCDs, I am referring to, are those that one can purchase in the open market. By OPEN MARKET, I mean all the roadsides throughout the city,
1. right in Mount road, in front of LIC, TVS, Devi theatre complex
2. bang at TNagar, across Pondy Bazaar
3. near many temples in the city

Just like street hwakers selling vegetables, you can spot these guys. They sell latest movie/audio CDs, MP3 CDs - with luck even DVD.

Can piracy be really fought over?

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