April 19, 2004

Sun Fun

Ok, the sun is gruelling all of us out here at Tamilnadu! So, what's new?

Ofcourse, the usual whines, pains that accompany the summer heat. Much has already been said 'beating the heat'. My two cents here:

Well, why can't we put to good use(??!!) this hot sun?

Solar panel powered lights in highway - The Old Mahabalipuram road has so many IT companies that can assume some amount of corporate social responsibility, sponsor for the solar lamps and have them installed through the road up to Madhya Kailash from Kelambakkam. Similarly in those big roads that connect into the Old Mahabs road like the Medavakkam connect road, Chromepet-Pallavaram connect road.

Those roads are, after all, being commuted a lot only by those employees who work mostly late nights and return home in their bikes/cars, when a little street light will be very helpful.

Ok, all those who hang around in the sun, here are few tips:
1. Never go without a cap or hat. Atleast tie a handkerchief on your head

2. In evening, when you feel too exhausted and drained, and you have symptoms like nausea, severe headache, First, sit in a relatively cool place, drink lot of fluid - preferably lemon ginger soda or buttermilk/lassi with salt/sugar

3. Do drink watermelon juice while going out in sun

4. Have kalkandu(sugar candy) in hand. Its better anyday than a chewing gum on a hot day. When feeling too thirsty while commuting somewhere and cannot stop anywhere, just pop a kalkandu in mouth

5. A hot coffee or tea or even a glass of hot water is better than Fridge water/cool drinks

6. No ice creams please

7. Buy wet tissues if affordable. Buy a small bottle of Eau De Cologne, and add two drops of it to the bathing water. Controls sweat a lot. Even shaving lotion should do

8. Try including a 'Thayir pacchadi' in your daily lunch - mango, cucumber, tomato, onion, vaazhaithandu (don't know English term)

9. Curd rice (Thayir saadham) is a good eat for lunch. Definitely, atleast for dinner.

10. If you have water (even recycled water or waste water) for this, then do this daily in the evening. Half bucket of water on outer walls of your home or bedroom. If you live on top floor, in the terrace. This is a PURE LUXURY in Chennai today, I know, but still doesn't hurt to give adivce.

11. Washed clothes, hang them for drying inside the room as window curtains. You escape the hot air from windows, costless AC, the clothes also get dried. To avoid the damp smell, keep a camphor in the room, or some other type of room freshner.

Have fun in the sun!!!

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