May 28, 2009

Sunday - End of ASS 2008

Come sunday, and we will know who is the ASS?
Well, ok, the talent is there definitely, so its unfair to name any of them as ASS.
Actually, we are the ASSES, dont we address us as mASSes? We have let ourselves easily be the butt of Vijay TV's joke on us, titled Airtel Super Singer (ASS) 2008 - lingering midway into 2009.
Hopefully, come this sunday we will know who is the Super Singer. Of course, we viewers will get the ASS award.
Cynicism apart, let us see who is the Super Singer from the talented Top 4?
UPDATE: Apparently, it is not sunday, but next wednesday (June 03 2009), when we will know the ASS!

1 comment:

Subhashree said...

The final show is on June 3, Wednesday :)