May 28, 2009

I love Bangalore...

...because it has made me appreciate Chennai on a few points. Main thing being 'traffic'
In Chennai, the drivers have not become so rude or so blind, like the Bangaloreans. Chennai drivers still signal to some extent, most of them wait when we signal about crossing or going first. These drivers include govt vehicles and autos as well. In Bangalore, they drive like anything in front of them is non-existent, and they can simply drive through that object - may it be human being or another fellow vehicle on the road.
Buying an over-the-counter medication, like a saridon or a crocin or anacin, is much easy in Chennai - especially on main roads. Even simple shops stock them. In Bangalore, on the bannerghatta road near Arekere gate, believe me or not, I had to go to Wockhardt hospital to buy a simple saridon to ward off the headache given to me by the Bangalore drivers mentioned in the previous paragraph.
Bangalore weather is good enough - mild and pleasant- most of the times. No doubts about that. But what beats me is that an average Bangalorean, who grew up with this type of climate and weather, prefers to wear a jacket or sweater even when the sun is blazing hot. Beats me!
Of course, Bangalore traffic snarls are better not said. With wider roads, wider than in CHennai, and enough number of flyovers, still it is not enough for the Police and for the planners of the city, and for the staying population of Bangalore, they end up in traffic pressure points often. It is indeed surprising. They can easily learn from neighbouring states like Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh as to how to handle road space. Claim space, widen roads - isn't it a simple thing to do?
Ok, ok, I am simply tryig to pick holes for me to justify my irrational hatred for Bangalore, or, is it actually inner desire, which doesnt let me openly accept my unsaid pleasant feelings for Bangalore? I may never know, cos I may not bother to figure it out!!!