January 20, 2009

Who moved my blackberry?

[yaam petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam] - my own BOOKer list!
Who moved my blackberry? - Written By: Lucy Kellaway
A Dilbertian take on senior management, and how the top moves happen in an organization, and how stupid people make it to the top. Gives us a new nice term - Creovation (TM) - creativity and innovation. Whether the author actually invented it to be a coporate term, or purely as a funny take on the marketing words - yaamariyom paraaparamay!
The story narration is in a novel way. This is a one-person account of his corporate life, through emails on his blackberry. It is also a kind of monologue in that the story is narrated through a series of blackberry emails originating from the protagonists blackberry. No other emails, except for his life coach emails, are presented.
I was attracted the novlety of this narration technique, but with no story inside, the narration novelty wears off, and having read way too many Dilbert books, the funny incidents starts wearing you out.
Definitely worth the buy, considering I bought it at 50% sale at the FountainHead store in Mylapore.

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