January 29, 2009

What it means to be an ASS-ociate?

No wonder Raju preferred to address Satyam employees as associates, as he made an ASS of them. Perhaps he had it in his mind as ASS-ociates...what does it mean to be an ASS-ociate actually, for him?

1. Slog your asses off, to meet customer demands; and when customer demands to move the business away, slog the asses again to transition. Both, not being the fault of the ASS-ociate...some sales guy sold something to meet sales targets, and some top guy thought his founded company money is still his money, and siphoned it off to his otherfounded companies, which have to be actually found!

2. Being a ASS-ociate, you also get an up-your-ass-annual, euphemistically anagramed as "Appraisal", thought of by Tamil ASS-ociates as "AAPPU-raise-all"; only to delay the annual revisions by 6 months, to show the accrued savings as "current account" balance. No wonder the current account was shocking!

3. Ultimately, be given an enquiry for that fundoo-Chairman-MD family, who were kept in custody for 1 month, but been questioned by CID for only 16 hours. That's all you get being an ASS-ociate

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