January 19, 2009

Mylapore macabre

The scene at the CM and CM Son's neighborhood, and their constituencies
- CM's house is in CIT Colony and it leads one side into Oliver Road in Mylapore. It is one way from Alwarpet end, and its parallel road, Luz Church Road, is one way as well from Luz side. However, this one way rule normally does not apply to Auto, arrogant two-wheelers and to Police.
- We hardly have any policing of traffic – except month-ends when non-helmet wearers are caught by traffic police.
- Even if they come on the wrong side, if they wear helmet, no issues.
- The Police posted for CM house duty prefer to id travel on the wrong side without a helmet on the Oliver road , at good speed. This is a very common sight
- There are also no "NO ENTRY" boa rds, or "ONE WAY" only sign boards at Oliver Road entrance from Alwarpet side, opposite to MCTM school, near Kennedy lane entrance, at the Luz Church Road entrance, opposite to Amrutanjan.
- To compound to these woes, private institutions like Green Trends, An University
's open study center have signboards respectively at De Silva road junction and opposite Amrutanjan, with big arrows and the road name, pointing in the wrong direction
On top of this, many a days, street lamps wont glow at the Nageswara rao Park- Luz Church Road-Amrutanjan-Marry Brown areas. The EB office that has to attend to these street light problems is exactly at this juncture!!!

At CM's constituency, Chepauk,
- First big problem is encroachment of platforms
- Regularly used roads like CNK Road, Bells Road, Big Street are full of potholes that are perpetually never fixed
- The road branching off from Pycrofts road, housing KG Hospital (Gosha Hospital), ending at Wallajah Road, has no functioning street light, is a dumpyard and house to most illegal activities in that area.
If this is how things are being treated at CM's backyard and constituency, imagine his influence on the police and administration in the entire state! It is so scary…
So how are CM's son - grand-son bearing Youth (???!@!!) Wing Secretary - Mr Stalling's neighborhood and constituency?
Let us take his constituency – 1000 Lights. (In next post)


Chakra said...

sooper Guru.
Idhe madhiri Madras la ulla 14 constituencies-um cover pannidu.

It is easy you know.. you just have to change the name of the roads, that is all.

Guruprasad said...

what you say is sadly true! but maybe i can cover...we dont need to look at big scandals, but improving small small things like this is enough to make people feel secure...only if even a single councilor thinks about this, it would be great...