September 21, 2004

Tamilnadu news media beasts

Drunken driving, and accident cases are not very uncommon. But the intensity with which the recent Radhakrishnan salai accident happened that turned upside down the lives of four young stupid a**holes and causing death of a young girl is highly distressing.
As usual, the media played an irresponsible role...Indian Express reported that the lady was also drunk, and seen dancing with the boys. What started out as a playful chase ended up in the accident. Dinamalar reported it as eve-teasing case without even analysing it properly - they had other important information...while HINDU explained that girl was not under alcohol influence, and not was seen with the boys in the car...
No one can easily forget the gory poster put up by Junior Vikatan in streets of Tamilnadu when Srirangam Marriage Hall fire accident happened, with dark, burnt bodies of the groom, and other elders. Kumudam reporter crossed all limits when they flooded Tamilnadu walls with burnt bodies of small kids in Kumbakonam fire accident as their poster material. In such a tender, delicate moment, should they get all gory and dorky?
The visual media is worse - people wont easily forget the visuals of kerala's mahout done to death by an elephant, or the mad Kerala youth who killed a man, or...Well, they are countless...
And to think, it is the same print media - esp Indian Express, Vikatan were some of the key elements that behaved with social responsibility to play a vital role during independence struggle and during many calamities...offlate, all have become nuttier...Sensation is all what you guys need, and you care a damn for what you report!!! You heartless, crude, savaged beasts of news media.
A big middle finger to each one of you!!!

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