September 13, 2004

Questions you wanted to ask, but never were able to!

The man on Tamizhan TV demonstrating something for Teleshopping always wears coolers...eventhough the coolers is not the product he is marketing. Why?

The accompanying lady compere in the same show wears rings in all her fingers - both hands and legs including a golden-color metti. Why does she want to wear so many rings like nadhaswara vidhwan?

Why does Kamalhassan wear coolers in any duet shot in a foreign location? That too, only in comedy movies?

In all movie-based dial-in TV shows on Indian TV channels, all comperes want to know what the caller is currently doing, who are in their family. If they are students, the comperes want to know how they fare in their studies. Comperes also want to know, whether they have a boyfriend or girl friend, and whether they have been in or are in love. Comperes of Tamil channels also specifically want to know what the caller had for dinner/lunch. Why do they want to know all this? Will they ask for meals to be sent to them as 'parcel'?

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