September 21, 2004

Netnography, HINDU and a bunch of Chennai bloggers

Recently read few articles about Netnography via these links from Charukesi and further observations in this post.

And a specific observation was of great interest to me...Quoting from that post

And some questions Edward of livinginindia (or elsewhere on the planet) always has...- Why are there so many bloggers from Madras ?- And what do they write about?- And from this, can we say what Madras is like - about the kind of people who live there or arefrom there - bloggers over the world with Madras 'roots'

Co-incidentally, I was wondering why no India magazine/newspaper refers avidly about blogs (except for one occasion when Kalki - Tamil Magazine referred Teakada). Its only HINDU that talks about blogs quite frequently. References to blogs and blog software comes from Netspeak column. But nothing about bloggers or some of the popular chennai blogs.

It was a plesant surprise to see for first time, though, an article on bloggers in Chennai...Cool to see Ravages and Kribs names out there on - can you imagine? - Page 3 of Hindu...thats as good as Front Page...great going guys...

Frankly, i took to blogging only after seeing Netspeak columns. I have been trying to be regular after seeing the enthusiasm shown by bloggers like Ravages, Kirubashankar and lazygeek in updating their blogs quite regularly!(I still remember the bloggorhea, Ravages had, quite sometime back - when he posted continuously for 10 days or so...)

Hightime, common media - esp print - starts acknowledging the new type of journalism in the name of blogs...and truly exploit the power of internet, to have proper reports rather than such common 3 columnar articles on Lalu Prasad Yadav's pilgrimage...there is so much in this world to write about, and blogs cover quite a bit of them...Guys, wake up and leverage power of blogging to the advantage of journalism!

UPDATE: Oh wow, cool...Times magazine carries an article on blogs as alternate media vis-a-vis mainstream media (via in a post titled Bloggers, The Truthful Media)

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