April 28, 2009

Most versatile acting moments

I have written my favorite acting moments from the movies I have seen in my life so far. There is no ranking in these, not written in any particular order. The expressions are priceless.
1. Vaaranam Aayiram: Surya as a school student, he would be beaten up some students; in a few seconds close-up scene, Surya would show "fear in his eyes". Do you ask what is so special in showing fear? try searching for the same expression in the eyes of some actors in the past few years, you will be surprised, theirentire face would have emoted, but not just the eyes alone.
2. Thillana Mohanambal: Padmini showing "navarasam" in her face in split seconds in the song "Marainthirunthu paarkkum"
3. Guna: Kamal's classic "azhukku azhukku" scene, talking round and round in a room...usual genius-thanam of Kamal (Have you noticed, in any Kamal's film, despite the acting nuances, make-up brilliance etc, Kamal would still stand out as Kamal) would have got offloaded for a certain moment, and we get to see a mentally disturbed person.
4. Kill Bill-3: Uma Thurman trying to eat with the chopsticks, when the Japanese master ridicules her. Uma Thurman would have shown both hatredness and eagerness to learn, along with the determination, with ego. (I think it is Part-3)
5. Anjali: When Anjali's brother gets beaten up because he stood up for this little sister, Anjali, he'd come home with wounds...Anjali wouldslowly come near him, touch his wounds and when he cringes, she would weep...oh boy, I was moved to tears, and even to this date, I still get moved to tears, when I watch that scene, and the poignant pain in that little girl.
She is mentally challenged but not emotionally.
6. Punnagai Mannan: This scene involving the crying child, who will whine the moment Chaplin CHellappa stops his painful "thalai-keezha thongarathu" and so CC will perpetually hang while pleading to the child. Then Srividhya will come and give a tight slap to the boy. Chaplin Chellappa expression was pricelessly hilarious to give a hearty laugh

I might want to add a few more, but these are the ones that came to my mind immediately.
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Sheela said...

hi guruprasad, just catching up - "samathuva makkal katchi", eh? very funny!! i miss tamil, seriously. my husband tried learning but it is so darn hard to teach him, at least for me, so i pointed him to a few books and one fine saturday morning he came to me and asked, "Sitrundi unnalaamaa?" and I ran away!! No, he still does not know what he really said - he was just reading from his book (transliteration in English) - but just for sanity, i told him: my family doesn't talk like that; we probably would say something like "breakfast eat pannalaama?" and he says, "why bother with the pannalaama then?"... argh, I could write a book about just this topic..

but, I guess this is too long a comment, so, will quit now and try to think about movie moments - never really watched movies that closely lately - i still just bask in Thillana Mohanambal and Thiruvilayadal, and maybe, something as modern as Paasa Malar, thanks to my mom :)