April 13, 2009

Elections and Me...

First time I saw an election
Say Elections, and the first public election, I remember was that when Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India. Next election which is much more clearer is when V.P.Singh was made the Prime Minister. I have had my own associations with the public elections.
Election Jobs
When I was studying in Xth standard, during summer vacation, the elections were announced. And so also the summer jobs, connected with the elections. Voter slips used to be given to the respective ward voters, by all the election parties, with their party symbols posted. Along with my street friends, I got this "job" of writing the voter names on these slips. We all worked for the Congress (I) party. I dont even remember the candidate for the congress party. :-o
Election That affected me
Then, another election was when Rajiv Gandhi was violently murdered, which affected me as much, both emotionally and politically. Emotionally, because of the gruesome murder inflicted on a young leader. Politically, I saw realignments and the complete drubbing of DMK. Politically, it was also shocking for me to see Rajiv Gandhi's death was publicised unabashedly by JJ and AIADMK.
My First Election as a Voter
It was a good experience for me to vote for a first time in a public election. It was State Assembly Election. My constituency had candidates from key parties like Congress (in alignment with ADMK), DMK, MDMK, and communist as well. My father asked me to vote for the party that will win, and not waste my vote. I don't know what he meant, but I had the arrogance to think my vote will changeeverything and had the power to get that candiate to win, and I voted for that party. More to do with the outcome of the candidate in the next section. By the way, that was the first election with EVM, and I voted in the EVM
My Luck and Candidates
I have this uncanny luck. To whichever candidate I vote, despite being in a popular party and despite being the party supposedly being the front runner, the candidates have miserbaly failed. in fact, in my first election, the candidate to whom I voted for lost his deposit. But of all the party symbols on the EVM, this one was the cutest!!!
My Friendly Advice to candidates from South Chennai
Don't canvass for my vote, lest my luck (or the lack of it) will hit you...
Happy Elections

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