March 13, 2009

Old age and operations

This post in IDLYVADAI about Mr. CareNoNidhi's chronicling about his spine operation, and Mr. (Vi)Gnani - because he discovers many things - feedback in Kumudam, I was prompted/compelled/urged/itched to post a response. Since by itself, this response became lengthy, I just realized I can use the Dilbertian technique, to post this as a post in my blog as well, and increase my post count. Only if I can also fudge the visitor data, and the comments section...hmmmm...
Anyway the post now -
As usual Mr. CareNoNidhi invites wrath of people precisely because of his personal experience narration. For a moment, let us forget he is a public figure, let us forget he went to a private hospital, instead of Govt Hospital etc etc; let us think only about the resillience and the sufferings they undergo,at such an age; it is actually heart rendering...a couple of days back I read about the hip operation performed on a 99 year old; and my grandpa had a leg operation performed on him at the age of 85...cant help but imagine the many risks in the operations for them. I am sure at any other country abroad, mostly they would neither be covered by insurance nor would the doctors take a risk on their professions...that says something about the confidence of our own doctors, and the care they take to do such operations. Having seen the analysis done by the dotors for my grandpa, I can vouch for this. They cannot be under full anesthesia, as it may affect their heart/brain. The sugar levels and protein levels have to be controlled, but not so much with lot of insulin or diabetic medicines because it may adversely affect their sugar levels; etc etc (any medical professional should be able to explain this further...)Another important things about this n-2 generation people - they have been quite mobileand agile by virtue of their lifestyle, that they can withstand such operations...may it be Dr. manmohansingh at 70+, CareNoNidhi at 85+, 99-year, old, er, old man, or for that matter, my grandpa at 85, or Vajpayee at 80+ with knee replacement operation...and can we forget the numerous operations that Writer Sujatha had at his age, and how he survived all of them? kudos to both the old generation, and the efficient team of doctors.And we "waste-bandwidth-increase waistband" generation have some message there, and it is good one of the thatha actually chronicled this.


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I like your phrase ""waste-bandwidth-increase waistband" generation". Lol.

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