March 18, 2009

Getting to the top... the corporate world isn't as easy as I thought. I attended a high-profile meeting sometime back, consisting of C-level executives. My own limitations surged in front of my eyes, and I realized I have a long, long way to go. But it was a good opportunity to be in there.
Some of the key qualities are: grey hair and/or bald patch, small paunch, specs/glasses. If these can't be managed, atleast you need to have height.
Last, but not the least, you need to have the guts to state the obvious, and say it with a smile, as if you just found it, and others still don't know it.
I lag behind in all those departments, except in the paunch region. This despite me being 33 (not the waist size, but my age...silly!). Taking doc's advise (actually a threat and a warning), I am also reducing the paunch, whatever little I have of.
All my hopes of making to the top at 35, I guess, is still long way to go...

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