January 28, 2007

The year resolutions

Yeah, I know they are coming in a month late. But heck, who cares! I am a lazy guy, so lazy not to make resolutions at all. At least now, I am a bit surusuruppu and making some resolutions even when they come late.

Ok, now down to the list:
1. Almost no interactions with auto, bus, Govt vehicles and those coming on the wrong side in full speed, on the Chennai roads. I say "almost", because I intend going for six-sigma standard. By interactions, I mean, all those swearings, I give - "naayay, poramboku thayoli...kannu engada, seatku adila vachi iruukiya" so on and so forth.
2. Post something every day on my blog
3. Revamp my blog layout and the links (most of the people in the link have closed thier blogs or moved)...{yes, that much somberi!}
4. Cut down on my travelling distance to my workplace by atleast 60% (how I will accomplish later!)
5. Donate for www.schoolsforindia.org
6. Revive acquaintance circle and keep in touch atleast once a month
7. Visit relatives, friends atleast once a month
8. Spend at least 3 hours with my kids
9. Save enough to buy a new house next year
10. Walk total 25 km every week
ippothaikki avlothaan

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