January 30, 2007

Why do we do, what we do?

This post is not connected to the title of this post. Nor is the post bear any relevance to the state of my mind or the status of my philosophy in lie. Actually this is not a post at all.

In fact, this entry is merely to keep up with one of my "resolutions". I dont want to break my resolutions right on the second day itself, especially when Chakra thinks I will break the resolutions only after 2 months, and asks for a status update then.

So, this post stays.

(And, my darling wife, please note: Today morning on my way to the office, a Police Van carrying a bunch of overgrown policemen honked continuously behind me. So that, they can break the RED signal. As I decided not to interact on the road, I didn't give way. All the while they honked loudly using air horn well within city limits, and very near to a hospital. Despite that, i didnt complain to the nearby Traffic Police. I did not curse at the auto driver who came riding very fast in the wrong direction. I didn't even bother. And today those 21G bus drivers, whose fidelity and their vamsavali which is doubted by me, actually received a smile from me, even after they overtook me from the wrong side and didnt bother about the signal.



Chakra Sampath said...

enakku indha madhiri thideernu thirundharavangalai kaandale pudikaadhu.

Guruprasad said...

uh oh...dont get racial and evict me...I think you are bullying me...boo hoo boo hoo