September 15, 2005

Political Sudoku

This sudoku content is applicable only in Tamilnadu. But of course, this is a global concept that is applicable nationally in India. One can easily customize this for their respective state.

This sudoku is, of course, slightly different than normal Sudoku.
Normal Sudoku deals with numbers fom one to nine. You don’t need number crunching capabilities, all you need is sheer common sense/logic.

For political sudoku, number crunching capabilities are very important, though numbers do not play directly in front of your eyes, it is the myth of numbers that influence this sudoku. Either the person playing needs to have a myth of numbers or must be able to make believe about existence of numbers. By numbers, we mean it could be either numbers as in context of money, or numbers as in context of quantity of people.

Needless to say, there is absolutely no need for common sense or logic.

Key difference comes in the way, sudoku itself is played. Instead of numbers, one will given nine words, and one must form a sequence in such a way none of the words overlap. It is also necessary that there must be atleast 3 words in a sequence. It is likely helpful to create myth of numbers if the sequence contains atleast one of the keywords in the set of nine words. The keywords are marked with an asterisk. One of the key popular personalities played this political sudoku recently, and has come up with a nice sequence. Before we plunge into to see who is this person, let us view the word list -

Dravida *
Communist -- yes this is still used in some quarters

Some FAQs
1. Why is not AMMA a keyword in the sequence?
Please note amma is not long-term word for political sudoku, nor amma is keyword for everything. Nor, can we have AMMA as the only word repeated nine times, just because NINE is lucky number for AMMA. This word is not officially in the political sudoku, but that does not deny its importance. We are sorry that we are unable to have this word right now in our contest.

2. What is your address?
I do not live in Tamilnadu. I cannot reveal my address. Hiring an auto full of gundas from Tamilnadu to UK will be very very costly. All said and done, I cannot add Sudoku, nor can rename this as "Amma kaalla vuzhu".

3. Why no other FAQs?
As I said before, AMMA is a great influencing factor, this FAQ is slightly turning slowly into Frigtened by Amma Questions. So, no more FAQs now.

Success stories
I had mentioned about a key popular personality who played this recently.
It is Captain Vijayakanth, and he successfully has used Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK)
More information is likely to be provided by Vijayakanth's UK Ko.Pa.Say - Party Whip (no, no he is not that kind of guy with "that" kind of "whip"…this whip is different) -- <a href="> Chakra </a>. He is soon to go to India to visit his kuttypaiyan and meet the new political chief of Tamilnadu - Captain Vijayakanth

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