September 02, 2005

A. P. Nagarajan

The other day at blogger's meet, <a href=""> Mdeii Anand </a>and myself were chatting about a visual edition of Ponniyin Selvan. We have so many things in Tamilnadu which have not been brought on to silverscreen. But whatever people know a little about Tamil kings, and the spiritual marg of Tamils, the credit goes to .Shri AP Nagarajan. He gave some fabulous movies of our history and culture.

What he has given to movie world goes on to define the fact that even a very big complex mythology or story of a great king can be broken down to a single aspect, developed further and presented visually in a very rich way. And can be totally entertaining!

We probably need another A.P.Nagarajan who takes advantage of modern technology, research and a wdie DVD market .

Another thought is that it may not be a bad idea to have an animated 'Ponniyin selvan'. Do you know 'Lord of the Rings' was first made as animated movie?


j k said...

what kind of facts do you know about A P Nagarajan???

j k said...

what kind of facts do you know about A P Nagarajan