November 09, 2004

Some of the books waiting to be written... me, of course.

Here is a sneaky preview of my be precise, might-be-books.

Desi Dilbert -- This will be the Indianized Dilbert who will deal with the ingenuities of Indian corporate do(o)m. Ofcourse, the book will feature many short anecdotes of funny thins happening in our Indian company bored-rooms. This book is withheld right now, because knowing Scott Adams through his web site where he tries selling everything, we would wait until Scott Adams can allow us to use his t(i)rademark Dilbert...else, we will try sneaking a different name on this character. If we have the name Dilbert,, it will be easier to con people into buying this book.
Some cartoons / anecdotes are all ready. Few of my colleagues will co-author this book. We also plan to release a PPS file of this book, so that our usual Indian crowd can flood everyone's inboxes - specifically all gmail and yahoo mail accounts.

Who moved my underwear? or Catching the boss in the bathroom - Haven't finalized on the name yet. These are the suggested titles of the self-help (in Tamizh, suya uthavi) book that am planning to write. The theme will be based on the famous tamil saying - Bazarla uzaara illaina nijaar avuthuduvaango. And this book teaches you how not to lose your confidence in event of such a thing happening. It is most likely that such things are initiated by higher-ups, you will be able to corner them in bathroom and how you can be prevertive...I mean, persuasive!

Of boobs and asses - No this is defintely not any sex book that I plan to author, nor any biological book. This is the management book that I plan to affix an obscene price and sell them. Am sure the title itself would make people buy the book as(s) those buyers would think, "if a management book has such a fantastic, novel title, there must be something great in the book". All other smart buggers would borrow from these guys and read them. Or will download the e-Book from that Russian site or buy from outside Spencer Plaza. (Un-smart alecs would buy the same at an obscene price from inside Spence Plaza from the Landmark - this is called product-positioning - catering to both smart and unsmart people). The theme of the book is how to identify the boobheads (and hence the BOOBS in the title) that block your career-growth and assholes (well, you get the connection) who make your career stink, and how to get away from them, and still manage to obtain internet connection, browse job-sites and move to a new job.

Also have few more titles in the offing - Milagu Rasam for the soul, A dummy's guide to understanding dummy's guide, Konaar Notes written by Karunanidhi on How to find fifty faults in fifty seconds in a fifty letter sentence uttered by Jayalalitha.

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