November 20, 2008

Vaanaram Aaayiram - 0001

[Let me introduce my son Sriram, a brat and very adorable and loveable at that. he is now 4.5 years old, and picks up conversations very well. And my daughter - Akshata alias Manasa. Despite having such cute names, I prefer to call her "ammu"; she is going to be 2 soon.
My "Vaaranam Aayiram" - corrected to "Vaanaram Aayiram" - thanks to sweetheart! - series is going to deal with my conversations, experiences with him/her and the Chief Producer of these 2 products - my wife ]
Well, this conversation should have ideally been published on my wife's blog. And she is going to be *##**^ on me for this, oh boy!!!Come on dear, call this a guest post, and give a link from your blog. I will be grateful to you for bringing back traffic to my site}
Conversations with a young gentleman!
A conversation between brat and HD (= Hubby Dear - for my wife!)
HD: "I like you very much"
Brat: "really?"
HD: "I like ammu very much"
Brat: "I too like her...and amma?"
HD: "I like her so much than you two"
Brat thinks a while, and asks: "why do you both fight with each other?"
HD thinks "huh, what?"
Says HD: "well, we dont fight, we only say things out loud"
Brat: "Illappa, I have seen you fighting..."
Thinks HD - "Ada paavi, ivlo note pannuviya nee?"
But says, "oh, have you? does that upset you?"
Brat: "yes, some times"
HD: "ok, we wil not fight when you see us"
Note to self. Be careful in front of the kids - what you say and what you do!
Later on conversation with "crazy"mum(ble)...
HD: "You know what? I had a conversation today..." and narrates the above episode...
Mum: ""I think we should tell him we fight, but still we love each other. Fighting is natural, and making up also is. Frequent fighting is not good"
HD: "You are right, thats when he will know about expressing himself...and that conflict and confronting is natural in life"
Mum " you dear"
HD and Mum go to sleep happily, being producers of the mature understanding kid.

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