June 08, 2008

World Environment Day and Chennai Buses

I wonder what this organization in our citycalled TNPCB is doing to the blatant pollution of our dear Chennai. Maybe the point I am raising is also within the purview of this department as well...but then we know how spineless they are...(and addressless too...this website is not operational any more)
Almost every airbus operated by MTC, have only airhorns fitted in them. And, the IT Company buses also have only air horns. All of these run at breakneck speeds, characterised by their rash driving. They honk against the fellow users to bully them using these air horns. It just shocks the hell out of people who are on their two-wheelers.
This has been going on for quite sometime - noticeably for the past one year atleast. With my limited legal knowledge, this is ILLEGAL perhaps from the point of View of air horns - CCTP's purview. if not, atleast under TNPCB as the noise level is sure above the limit. Environment day could have been the used to make people aware of this. But then, "World Environment Day" came and went much like Gandhi jayanti, and the TNPCB was like TNCC...if you know what I mean!
What bothers me most is, this has escaped the attention of city activists, and TNPCB, and CCTP, and the (De)Press! While helmet issue got the right attention, this has gone unnoticed.
MTC can be directed to fit normal horns, in place of air horns through a simple G.O. Any activist / NGO / Press can help easily achieve this by taking it to right forum.
Private buses can be easily directed to adhere to norms.
Who will bell the cat!!!

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