March 03, 2005

As white as...

Last time I saw snow in my life, was in a movie song, where Amala will be dancing barefooted on the snow, while Rajinikanth will be completely clad in nice, warm clothes walking with nice boots, watching Amala dance & sing - "Vaa vaa vaaaaaa vaa, kanna vaa";
before that, it was Mandhira wooing Prabhu with low-neck, mini-skirt dress, singing "Alps malai kaatru vanthu, ennai killutho"; Prabhu not so much really amused by song or snow, perhaps because of cold weather despite the fact that he is totally wrapped up in nice thermal wear, and Mandhira barely covering herself;
First time, I saw snow was when our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR would sing "Puthiya vaanam, puthiya bhoomi, engum pani mazhai pozhigirathu" with a suitcase and stick in his hand!
But all these were on "Velli thirai" - silver screen.
A fortnight ago it started snowing here in UK. It was so fascinating and amusing to watch little white flurries of ice, floating in air and falling on pavement; after some hours of snowing, everything outside the window totally covered with snow. It was so exciting to watch it for real. I rang up from office to home to tell my wife to watch it, and show it to my son!!!
We were very excitedly talking about snow! A fortnight later, it is still snowing…and, we are pretty bored! Cant go out, always at home; road is very slippery, and it is painful to wait at a bus stop or a railway station…and to go out anywhere, even to a nearby potti kadai, I have to wear thermals, normal dress, gloves, insuation kulla, scarf, coat, thermal socks, shoes, apply vaseline….
Nowhere near the comfort of simple shorts and a t-shirt and a hawai seruppu to just walk to a nearby shop…
Boy, I long for the scorching Chennai sun…
Any fellow blogger from chennai, can you upload some?

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